My name is

Nicolas Ocampo

I am a

Product Designer

My career has been focused on three main areas

  • Product management

    8 years

    • Usability testing
    • Behavioral analytics
    • Roadmaps
  • Design

    7 years

    • Figma
    • Storybook
    • Haiku animator
    • Sketch
  • Web development

    10 years

    • React
    • CSS modules
    • Jamstack

Now I build and maintain organizational systems that allow for those three areas to work together

  • Process

    • Project management systems
    • React layout systems
    • Feature request and bug intake processes
  • Design systems

    • Figma design systems
    • Storybook component libraries
    • Process guidelines
  • Discovery and evaluation

    • Usability testing
    • Problem discovery interviews
    • Quantifying results


I am Head of Product at Politech

Politech (since 2017)

As head of product, I manage the design and development of our voter advocacy SaaS platform . I run a product through our development cycle, starting by feature discovery and ideation, into design and implementation. I like to be involved in all stages, including making mockups and comitting code, while relying on experts in my team to make most of decisions on their areas of expertise.

In 2017

I was a UX Designer and Frontend Developer at

MortarStone (since 2014)

MortarStone is a donation analytics platform for nonprofit organizations and churches

In 2017

I ran my own freelance design and development business

Design Freelance Work (since 2014)

I started a product called BetaFish

BetaFish is a feedback gathering application that allows product designers to collect feedback on their products

I made custom web development and branding for several smaller freelance clients

In 2014

I was a product manager at a digital services agency

KPS3 (since 2013)

KPS3 is a digital marketing agency where I primarily focused on product strategy, analytics, SEO and project management

In 2013

I was a webmaster

University of Nevada (since 2011)

Managed website and built an employee database system